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Apollo Party Tray
Apollo All Ready Prepared Tray
Apollo Fruit Salad
Apollo Vegetable Tray
Grape Leave Tray
Greek Salad Bowl
Pastry Tray
Chicken Parmesan Penne
The Apollo Party Tray 
$7.95 (per person)

Create your own sandwich.  Includes corned beef, honey roasted white turkey breast, baked ham, all white chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, your choice of baby Swiss, provolone, or cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, a variety of fresh baked breads assorted condiments and your choice of fruit cup or assorted desserts. Minimum of 6.



The Apollo All Ready Prepared Tray 
$7.95 (per person)

A ring of assorted sandwiches which includes the same items as the Apollo Party Tray, but more convenient for those on the go! Minimum of 6.



The Apollo Fruit Tray
$3.95 (per person)

Includes a variety of melons, grapes, and assorted fruits in season. Minimum of 6.



The Apollo Vegetable Tray 
$3.95 (per person)

Includes a tray of assorted vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green onions, carrot stix, celery stix, red & green peppers, all surrounding a hollowed out purple cabbage filled with sour cream with dill & garlic dip. Minimum of 8.



The Apollo Cheese and Cracker Tray
$3.95 (per person)

Includes your choice of three cheeses (Swiss, provolone, cheddar cheese), a variety of crackers and a mustard dip. Minimum of 8.



Miscellaneous Selections (Please inquire about the following)

  • Grape Leave Tray
  • Greek Salad Bowl
  • Hummus or Tabooli Bowl
  • Homemade Soups
  • Chicken or Beef Kebob Tray
  • Pastry Tray
  • Homemade Pasta Bowl




  • Breakfast catering available- Please call for more information
  • Any order can be customized to your needs
  • All paper products are included.
  • 24 hours notice requested, but not required.
  • Free delivery for any order over $25.00
  • Gratuities are not included but appreciated and at customer's discretion


The Apollo Cafe can be used after 4:00 PM on weekdays or on weekends to host any event with 100 or fewer people.




(412) 471-3033